The Intensity Intensifies | Cinematic Dark Ambient

From the Dark Ambient album:

The Aggravations of Existence

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Adeatron is an experimental Dark Ambient project by Dee Vigga, initially created to tell the story of a tortured soul.

Diego, the non-consenting soul now toils and struggles through a life he never asked for, tolerating and fending off all kinds of human parasites and bullies. His disdain for humanity and resentment for his own physical existence increases substantially every year. He tries to compose himself with meditation and yoga, and he even studies metaphysics, the occult and philosophical pessimism, hoping to find out how he got into this mess. After all his meditating and studying he realizes that he really had no say in his physical existence. He wasn’t tricked by Archons of the Demiurge into coming into physical existence, as so many like to believe, he was imprisoned in the flesh by his own selfish, demiurgic parents who didn’t give a damn about the consequences.
How does Diego handle this realization? Well, he basically becomes a raging monster…”


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